Mandiri KPR Info Product

Mandiri KPR

Mandiri KPR is a home ownership credit from Bank Mandiri given to individuals for purchase of residential house/apartment/house-shop/house-office form developers or non developers.

Mandiri KPR Features

Mandiri KPR has various features which can be chosen based on your needs, such as:
  • Mandiri KPR Duo is a Mandiri KPR facility used to purchase residential house/apartment/house-shop at a developer project and also for purchase of car/motorcycle.
  • Mandiri KPR Take Over is a Mandiri KPR facility used to takeover credit facility from another bank with similar product and also for other needs.
  • Mandiri KPR Top Up is an additional limit to the existing Mandiri KPR facility.
  • Mandiri KPR Flexible is a Mandiri KPR facility used to purchase a house with flexible installment system that is the availability of flexible account for a certain period for a certain part of credit received.
  • Mandiri KPR Angsuran Berjenjang is a “Gradual Payment Mortgage”, a Mandiri KPR facility that gives relief for payment of installments up to the third year.

Benefits of Mandiri KPR

  • Competitive rate.
  • Fast and easy process.
  • Credit Limit from Rp. 25 million up to Rp. 5 billion (except for Jabotabek minimum Rp. 50 million).
  • Bank financing up to 80% from collateral value based on Bank’s appraisal or low down payment of only 20%.
  • Flexible tenor up to 15 years.
  • Your certificate is secured until the credit is paid off.
  • Life and fire insurance protections.
  • Bank Mandiri cooperates with more than 200 project developers throughout Indonesia and attractive programs are available for purchase of house at developer’s project.

Requirements for Application for Mandiri KPR

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI) domiciled in Indonesia.
  • Minimum 21 years old, and maximum 55 years old (employee) and 60 years old (professionals/private persons) at the end of credit term.
  • Have Permanent Job and Income:

    • Employee

      • Permanent employee status at current job:
      • Working period:
        • minimum 2 years (including service year before appointment to a permanent employee) at present job, or
        • minimum 2 years as a permanent employee with similar job at previous company of similar business with current company. For example: position at current job is Accounting Manager and in previous company Accounting Staff. From the two positions, it is known that the person’s jobs are similar that is Accounting
      • Minimum income:
        • JABOTABEK area = Rp. 2,500,000,- (two million five hundred thousand rupiah) per month
        • Outside JABOTABEK area = Rp. 2,000,000,- (two million rupiah) per month
      For Joint Income, the above minimum income has included husband’s/wife’s income that can be verified by Bank.

    • Private or Professional

      • Has experience in his/her business minimum 2 years consecutively (proven by business/practice license)
      • Has income which can be verified.
  • Fill out an application for Mandiri KPR
  • Required documents:
    • Personal document : Copy of applicant’s and spouse’s ID Card, copy of marriage/divorce certificate, copy of Family Registration Card, copy of Statement of Accounts/savings book for the last 3 months, copy of NPWP (taxpayer’s registration number) personal/Tax return article 21.
    • Income/financial document :
      • Employee: original latest salary slip/Statement of income and position, copy of savings book
      • Private/Professional: Copy of balance sheet & profit/lost /latest financial information, copy of deed of company establishment & business permits/ copy of professional license, statement of accounts/savings.
    • Collateral document
      • Copy of SHM/SHGB (Right to Own/Right to Use certificate), Order Letter (purchase at developer’s project), IMB (Building Permit) & PBB (Land and Building Tax).


Commission 1%, Administration Rp.250 thousand, life insurance, fire insurance, APHT (Deed of Granting of Mortgage Right) and Notary

More Information

For further information please contact Mandiri Call 14000 or the nearest Branch or Telesales 021 3002-3001. Or Click here to contact our Customer Service Representatives.